New Amiina Project

Those Amiina girls (and boys) have been at it again. Described on their website as ‘the lighthouse project’, this is what they had to say: ‘about 4 years ago we set out on a journey across iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. the music was written especially for performances in small spaces, and […]

Burger Me. Icelandic Burgers.

Burgers have not had an easy time of recently. In the U.K., they have been hit by the horse-meat scandal, and they are constantly fighting a war against the healthy eating movement. In Iceland, burgers are as popular as ever. McDonalds couldn’t stick it in this northern outpost and were forced to withdraw due to […]

New Sigur Rós album – Kveikur

Sigur Rós have announced that their new album, Kveikur, will be released on June 17th. The track listing is: Brennisteinn Hrafntinna Ísjaki Yfirborð Stormur Kveikur Rafstraumur Bláþráður Var & I cannot wait. In the meantime, here  my review of their live show including Kveikur material and the sonic scare that is Brennistein. I’ve seen Sigur […]


Bloodgroup, an electro four piece from Reykjavík are back. They have released their latest album, Tracing Echoes, this week and there was a release concert last night in Iðnó, with support from Samaris. Damn, I wish I had been there, with a cold beer in hand. In the meantime, here is the lovely Fall from […]

Ólafur Arnalds: For Now I Am Winter

The death of an 11-year-old boy. The subsequent discovery on a beach. The cover up. The informing of the parents. A police officer searching the child’s bedroom. I am very nearly moved to tears. It’s a TV drama, one that British TV seems to do so well but somewhat over frequently, but with a difference. […]

Grúska Babúska Are Coming!

Grúska Babúska are releasing their debut album on 1st of April 2013 with the UK label Static Caravan. Grúska Babúska’s songs are all sung in Icelandic and recorded in Iceland – co- produced by Mike Lindsay (Tuung, Cheek Moutain Thief) and mixed in Greenhouse studios in Reykjavík. An online release will follow on the 14th of April. They are also on […]