Sigur Rós blanket update.

Woohoo! My Sigur Rós blanket arrived today, which of course is a hot, sunny day. Nevermind, I look forward to getting under it on a frosty winters day, whenever one should occur. It is super luxurious; not too thick but really nicely made out of the finest Icelandic wool by Farmers Market. It even smells […]

Puffin Wars.

Most of my Twitter followers seemed to like my cute puffin post, but there has been a challenger. This person, who shall remain nameless, has posted a pretty damn fine photo of his own. In reply, I give you this:  

Icelandic Strip Poker

Guðfinnur Sveinsson from rising post-rock stars For A Minor Reflection on Sigur Rós, new Icelandic music, Airwaves and strip poker. During one long winters night a couple of years ago, following possibly a couple of Icelandic beers, and definitely to escape the savage freezing rain falling from the sky, a couple of my Icelandic pals […]

Great Britain vs. Iceland

After missing out on Olympic tickets in the LOCOG mess on the first occasion, scrambling around on the second, and blindly grabbing two tickets on the final occasion, fixtures for the Handball matches at London 2012 have been released today. I had my fingers crossed for a match with a least Great Britain or Iceland […]

Iceland Survival Handbook / Learn Icelandic In Two Minutes

………………. kind of. A good friend alerted me to these two new titles, available now at Keflavík International Airport Duty Free. (Photo by Haraldur Guðjónsson) Maybe this is where I’m going wrong. Maybe I am concentrating too much on the text of my book. Maybe I should replace it with a shot of Brennivín and a shot glass. […]

Rauðasandur Festival

Just found out about this. It looks amazing. (I’m checking flights and work schedules!). From the website – ‘Founded in 2011, Rauðasandur Festival is a music and events festival set in the stunning scenery of Rauðasandur (Red Sands) of the West Fjords of Iceland. The festival takes place during the first weekend of July each […]

Search & Rescue

Somewhere between Mývatn and  Grímsstaðir, the road rose up into the mountains, through rocky valleys and deserted farms before the tarmac roads stopped and I found myself on unpaved roads and covered in dust and grit every time other vehicles sped past. The road became more and more exposed, frequently twisting and turning to reveal […]

Lay Low in Flatey.

Here is a neat little piece that I wrote on Lay Low, and Flatey. I hope you like it! This is Lay Low’s website, where you can download a song for free, and see what I am gabbling on about.