Prometheus & North Iceland.

Prometheus, the new film by Ridley Scott, is out in the UK this weekend. I’m going to see it. Perhaps unusually though, I won’t be there for the sci-fi action, to see the prequel to gory Alien films, or to see Charlize Theron in a figure-hugging suit. No, I’ll be going to see it for […]


Hafdís Huld has quietly released her new album, Vögguvísur, today. Maybe its a quiet release as it’s a collection of lullabies. Anyway, I look forward to hearing it. Quietly. You can buy a copy here.

Books and Vampires.

Iceland’s love affair with literature, why every night is a book night and the story of a give-away vampire. A few weeks ago, it was World Book Night. An annual event designed to promote the joys of reading a proper book, one with actual pages and everything, one million books were given away in one […]

Good Luck Iceland!

Tonight is Eurovision. Eurovision is massive in Iceland. There will be parties, drinking and general revelry. Thats even if Iceland don’t win. I wish I was there to be involved. I’m not a huge fan. But given the choice between Iceland’s entry and the UK’s Englebert Humperdinck, its Gréta Salóme & Jónsi every time. And, no, […]

Sigur Rós Iceland Tour 2006.

Unbelievably, its 6 years since Sigur Rós returned to Iceland after a well-received world tour. Wanting to repay something for the kindness and support of their fellow Icelanders, they set about touring Iceland, playing some special venues in Iceland such as abandoned fish factories (Djupavík), scenic canyons and controversial hydropower sites. The tour was filmed […]

Exitmusic at Airwaves.

If there is one band, other than Sigur Rós obviously, that I’m excited about seeing at Iceland Airwaves, its Exitmusic. And its not just because they are fronted by the lovely Aleksa Palladino, also known as Angela Darmody from Boardwalk Empire. Be careful what you say though, husband Devon Church is also in the band. Exitmusic […]

Cute church at Breiðavík

I love these churches that are dotted all over Iceland. They all look so clean and friendly, unlike some of the gothic stone behemoths you find in the UK. I’m not even religious, but somehow, Icelandic churches look welcoming. I think I might start a blog of just these cute churches.

Ísafjörður through the window.

I took this shot in Isafjördur last summer. I’m not, by any means, a photographer so i’m quite proud of it. Afterwards, we found a restaurant nearby which served freshly caught fish straight from the harbour. It was the best fish I’ve ever eaten. Good times. You can’t taste the fish, but you can see […]