Win One Million ISK!

All you have to do is take a photo of a bird (feathery), in North Iceland (Tröllaskagi, to be precise), this summer, and enter this competition (and win, obviously). I think it looks like a great idea. Not only does the area benefit from more twitchers visiting, the competition raises funds for wildlife from the […]

Valtari hour: Sigur Rós album preview

Yesterday, Thursday 17th May, Sigur Rós premiered their new album over the Internet. Being Sigur Rós though, it wasn’t the usual Internet stream. Instead, as each of the time zones hit 7pm they were treated to ‘Valtari hour’. The new Sigur Rós album, then, track by track: 1. Ég Anda – Building to a crescendo, this […]

A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

Ok, ok. You might think that this is a bit tenuous. You might think that I’m just posting some of my favourite music on here. Well, you’d probably be right. However, A Wing Victory For The Sullen do have some Icelandic links; first off Adam Wiltzie, and composer Dustin O’Halloran are joined by the talented Icelandic cellist […]

Sigur Rós at Iceland Airwaves.

I was chuffed to find out that Sigur Rós are headlining Iceland Airwaves this year, and even more chuffed to get my virtual paws on a virtual ticket. It will be the third time of seeing Sigur Rós in Reykjavík. It seems so much more, well, special, seeing them on their home turf. Like seeing […]

Breakfast with an Arctic Fox

I have recently interviewed Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir, the lead singer of Rökkurró, and Lily and Fox. My full article can be read on Iceland Review, but there was plenty that I couldn’t fit in. So I have placed it here instead. Hildur has temporarily relocated to Japan. You can read about her adventures in Japan here. […]

Iceland from above.

Hjörtur Smárason (the ubiquitous @hjortur on twitter) helped Nokia film this really excellent little documentary in Iceland. I love it for two reasons. Firstly, it has really beautiful shots of Iceland. I can never see enough of those. But secondly, it shows the real spirit of Icelanders – really friendly, helpful and willing to give […]

Hafdís Huld App.

Iceland’s very own princess of pop has released an iPhone app. Will it fill the “nostrils of a cat” or is it “the raisin at the end of the sausage”? In other words, is it worth downloading?  You can find out here. Hafdís’s app can be downloaded free from the iTunes store.

Inside another unpronounceable volcano

A brand new opportunity has arrived in Iceland. Its a chance to go inside a volcano. Ok, its one thats been dormant for over 4000 years, and I still struggle to pronounce its name (Thrihnukagigur), but I really fancy doing this! The photos on the website – – look truly amazing.