Happy 10th Anniversary to Iceland, Defrosted.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade since my first book was published. I’m not sure of the etiquette. Cakes? fireworks? Say nothing? It was due for release on 17th June 2013, on Icelandic National Day but Jeff Bezos and his corporate crew decided that 1st June would be good enough. Best laid […]

Sigur Rós & Northern Lights

The northern lights dance across the Reykjavík sky and frost crunches underfoot as a line of people rub their hands together and stamp their feet. They are waiting to see Sigur Rós. As is now just as customary as finishing each set with Popplagið, Sigur Rós are finishing their world tour with a home coming […]

Puffins of Føroyar

I asked the young woman in the tourist information centre in Klaksvík where the best place in the Faroe Islands is to see puffins. ‘Iceland’ came the reply with a ready smile. The Faroe Islands are Danish territory, but fiercely independent in everything else. They sit in the cold Atlantic between Iceland and Shetland, somehow […]

Last few hours for Every Last Puffin

The crowd funding campaign for my second book, Every Last Puffin, finishes in the next 15 hours. If you enjoyed Iceland, Defrosted please have a look at my kickstarter campaign. There’s still just about chance to get involved in this special project, and your support will get you a Puffin pin badge, signed or dedicated […]

Puffin Rescue

The attached images are from a Puffin rescued in Anglesey, North Wales a couple of years back. It’s thought the puffin had been caught by a dog, and had received injuries to its wings as a result. Unbelievably, a member of the public had found him and was trying to feed him chips in an […]

Every Last Puffin

Hi, I know it’s been a while. So sorry. He never calls, he never writes, etc. Just a short note to let you know that my new book project – Every Last Puffin – is now live on Kickstarter. More than simply a book about puffins, these are tales of finding the last remaining strongholds […]

Book Review : Rupture – Ragnar Jónasson

The next instalment of Ragnar Jónasson’s Dark Iceland series comes exactly at the right time, with both Iceland and Nordic Noir becoming increasingly popular, not to mention the success of Icelandic TV on British screens (see Trapped, Case and stretching the point a little, Fortitude). Again the translator is Quentin Bates, who brings his own […]

Book Review: Thin Ice – Quentin Bates

They say that practice makes perfect. Thin Ice might just be the proof that this is really is the case. Thin Ice is the seventh appearance of Officer Gunnhildur at the hands of Quentin Bates, and each book improves on the last. Quentin is also the translator of the increasingly popular Dark Ice series from […]