Úlfur is one of the first Icelandic words that I learnt. My tutor, an eight-year-old Icelandic girl, drew a picture of a wolf and pointed at it. It’s also the name of a really good Icelandic beer, and the first name of Úlfur Hansson. Úlfur is probably best known for his work on Sigur Rós […]

Are Samaris the next big thing?

Samaris have been receiving a lot of attention recently. Not only have they signed to One Little Indian, they have also been played on UK radio and Góða tungl was Lauren Laverne’s track of the day. Here is an interview with Jófríður from the band from last summer. I recently took a flight to Grímsey […]

The Lovely Rökkurró

Rökkurró kindly suggested to their Facebook fans and Twitter followers yesterday that they check out my book. To return the favour, I thought I’d post some music from this delightful Icelandic band, and the interview with singer Hildur, which is taken from Iceland, Defrosted. Oh, and then you should definitely check out their Facebook page […]

Iceland, Defrosted goes Underground.

I’m pleased to announce that, working with Books On The Underground, Iceland, Defrosted has been released on to the London Underground system. This is a wonderful scheme, and the brainchild of Holly, who leaves books on tube trains for people to take, read, enjoy and then return for someone else to enjoy. You can find […]