More Crazy Icelandic Sheep Facts

#18. Icelandic Sheep in North Iceland take it in turns to get mistaken for visiting Polar bears. #19. Regular sheep can’t get up if rolled onto their backs. Icelandic sheep can’t get up after a night on the Brennivín. #20. Icelandic sheep are usually placid, but will attack humans at the merest mention of Svið. […]

Review- Bellstop: Karma

Bellstop are actually Rúnar Sigurbjörnsson and Elín Ólafsdóttir. I have to say that I approached their album with some trepidation. The main reason for this? The awful artwork. The website and album cover suggests a sub-standard video game. Poor name, awful artwork; I was on a downer from the start. You could argue that I’m […]

Days of Gray at Reykjavík International Film Festival

It’s just been announced that Days of Gray will be making its premiere at the Reykjavík International Film Festival! This event will be on Friday, October 4th at 9pm and feature Hjaltalín performing the score live. I can’t be there, unfortunately, but it sounds like a fantastic night out.     You can read more about Days of Gray, and my interview […]

Guest post: Librarian 66 North

I’m doing this blog swap thing for the first time so I’m going to tell you guys whatever comes to my mind! Which can be very awkward but let’s hope it won’t. My name is Francesca and I’m one of those weird people who handle book all days: a librarian. I was born and raised […]


Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with new music from Iceland. I scour the internet looking for new bands, and I have been known to patrol the bars and clubs of Reykjavík looking for something new and exiting. Iceland Airwaves makes my head explode. Just lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about Orfia. I […]

Faith In Others

Tori West is asking for your help in funding her final year photography project, ‘Faith In Others’, set in Iceland and build around Icelandic folklore. She graciously explains exactly what she is up to, and why this couldn’t have happened anywhere but Iceland. You have launched a Kickstarter project called ‘Faith In Others’. What’s it […]

Message from Djúpavík.

Yesterday, I received an amazing email from Djúpavík in Iceland. This extremely remote corner of Iceland is one of favourite places to visit. For anyone that has read Iceland, Defrosted, you’ll know that my visit to Hotel Djúpavík was made complete by the friendly welcome of Claus Sterneck, a German photographer that spends his summers […]