Cheek Mountain Thief. A Love Story.

This is a love story. Mike Lindsay, best known for his work with English folk-tronica band Tunng, first went to Iceland for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2006. He describes this as “like a war-zone, where everyone is more drunk than you, and yet still setting off fireworks out of their hands.” It was […]

New Sigur Rós video

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo. This is the new video for Sigur Rós, Ekki Múkk, from director Nick Abrahams. It features a very English field, the Mayor from The Wire, close up snails, cute and not-so-cute foxes. What more could you want?

Siggi’s Skyr

New York was baking hot, seeming to shimmer in the blazing sunlight. The skyscrapers turning from grey into a silver as they reflect back the sun’s rays. The sun beat down, sending commuters and hipsters running for shade and air conditioned shops, and turning the subway system into an underground oven. Typically, the English tennis […]

Myrra Rós

Myrra Rós is featuring more and more on my playlist. Maybe it’s the autumn days proving the perfect backdrop for her acoustic folk and haunting vocals. Anyway, Myrra Rós, full name Myrra Rós Þrastardóttir, is a singer/songwriter from Reykjavík. I’m hoping to catch up with her at Airwaves. In the meantime, here is a track […]

Learn Icelandic with Auður

Auður from the excellent ‘I heart Reykjavík’ blog has started a series of Icelandic phrases to learn. It’s really good, and Auður delivers the phrases in such a way that a smile is never far away. Anyways, give it a go. Learn essentials such as ‘I can wash myself mister pool guard’ and ‘would you […]

Kiriyama Family

What’s better than discovering fresh, new music? Not much. Fresh bed sheets? Coffee first thing? A cold beer on a hot summers day? Or fresh, new music from Iceland? I first heard about this band Nanna Árnardóttir (she of Zombie Iceland fame), and again by a twitterer (tweetist? twoot?) today. Anyway, you should give Kiriyami […]

Handball & Icelanders

Handball is not a well-known sport in the UK. I wasn’t even really aware of it until I was swept along to a televised match in Iceland. I think it was Iceland vs. Sweden in some sort of European championships. The reasons I’m vague on the details? I was too busy trying to keep up […]

I Blame Sigur Rós

I am very pleased to announce that my latest article ‘I blame Sigur Rós’ has been published in the latest issue of Iceland Review. I’m really pleased with it, and I am grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received on Twitter and by other means about it. Thanks also to Kjartan Holm for agreeing to […]