Skyr in New York?

Iceland, Defrosted has recently been snapped next to the Empire State building in New York City. It’s part of the Books on the Subway campaign, but it reminded me that its not the only connection between the book and this fantastic city. There is one Icelandic food that I love, though. I adore it. I […]

Discovered Missing

  Kris Graves is a photographer from Queens, New York City. He has a plan to produce a book of photography, incorporating three separate trips to Iceland. He shares with me an obsession with Iceland, although Kris expresses his with the most stunning photographs of Iceland, instead of my words. Kris describes Iceland as: ‘isolated, […]

Siggi’s Skyr

New York was baking hot, seeming to shimmer in the blazing sunlight. The skyscrapers turning from grey into a silver as they reflect back the sun’s rays. The sun beat down, sending commuters and hipsters running for shade and air conditioned shops, and turning the subway system into an underground oven. Typically, the English tennis […]