The last time I spoke with Soffía from Orfia, she described the Icelandic duo as “synthetic, dreamy sounds mixed with interesting instruments, with influences from the Celtic scene and a hint of Middle East tonality.” I thought she may have been joking with me, especially when she went on to say that the music was […]

Music Review: Hafdís Huld – Home

Hafdís is back with the appropriately titled ‘Home’. Apparently written whilst dealing with a new found family life, complete with baby, dog and pink house, ‘Home’ is a fine piece of acoustic alternative folk/pop with a definite Icelandic edge. Additional songwriters have done little to dim Hafdís’ glowing personality, instead they enhance it. The enchanting […]

Iceland, Defrosted to be published in Icelandic

I’m thrilled to announce that I have just signed a contract for Iceland, Defrosted to be published in Iceland by Óðinsauga útgáfa (Odinseye Publishing), in Icelandic. There are a few issues to iron out around updating, translation and other administrative bits and bobs, but I’m really excited about this development, and can’t wait to see […]