Music Review: Hafdís Huld – Home

Hafdís is back with the appropriately titled ‘Home’. Apparently written whilst dealing with a new found family life, complete with baby, dog and pink house, ‘Home’ is a fine piece of acoustic alternative folk/pop with a definite Icelandic edge.

Additional songwriters have done little to dim Hafdís’ glowing personality, instead they enhance it. The enchanting opener, ‘Sunrise’, written with Ed Harcourt is a wonderful showcase for her unique voice.

‘Queen Bee’ is typically jubilant Hafdis, and ‘Lucky’ is a cheeky fable about a local gambler. It’s a slice of lovely folkiness, and especially when the piano chimes in. In a similar vein, ‘Treasures’ is a summery love song, and ‘Little Light’ is deliciously bright and breezy, reminding me of The Beautiful South. In a good way.

Things are changing though. Not for the worse. The Icelandic pop princess might just be turning her back on the pop of her previous album, Synchronised Swimmers. Even ‘Pop Song’ is tongue-in-cheek, including the chorus of ‘I can put it in a pop song if you like / but what I feel about you doesn’t rhyme’. ‘Wolf’ seems to be a dark, cautionary fairy tale, whilst ‘Empty Eyes’ is dark and foreboding. I always like it when Hafdís turns a little pessimistic, and ‘Empty Eyes’ might be the standout track of the album for me.

Hafdís finishes proceedings alone, save for her trusty ukulele. ‘I Miss The Rain’ is a pean to Iceland’s less than wonderful weather. I can imagine Hafdís singing it whilst looking out of a rain streaked window in her pink house in the Icelandic countryside. Maybe that’s the point.