Icelandic Whisky?

Icelanders love a drink, and yet Iceland has had a chequered past with alcohol. Things are changing though, and a brave group of Icelanders are about to brave their way into the world of whisky. Whisky (and whiskey) is produced world wide, and I confess to getting very well acquainted with the Scottish and Irish […]

Rökkurró cancel, ÍRiS saves the day!

    Important notice: In relation to the launch of Iceland, Defrosted in Reykjavik on Saturday, Rökkurró have cancelled their performance due to unforeseen circumstances. However, ÍRiS had kindly agreed to perform at short notice, for which I’m really grateful. After her London performance, I’m really excited to see her perform again. It starts at […]

Pascal Pinon Iceland Tour

I’ve been a fan of the Pascal Pinon girls for sometime now, and especially after their Airwaves performances last year. Twosomeness was one of my top albums from 2012, and is still getting some plays on the old stereo these days. They were even kind enough to let me use their music for my Kickstarter […]

London Book Launch / Icelander in Training

Don’t get me wrong, the London launch of Iceland, Defrosted at the Embassy of Iceland may have appeared smooth and slick on the surface, but underneath there was a catalogue of nerves and mishaps just waiting to throw the whole thing off the rails. Take for example, that the Embassy staff had to purchase whole […]

Icelanders in London

Icelanders in London is the new project from photographer Nick Miners. Nick Miners is a photographer from London. He has a successful career as a freelancer and is regularly hired by a range of individuals and organisations for his creative approach to photography. Please see his extraordinary promotional images of a contortionist for The Last […]

An interview with me!

I was recently interviewed for the Beniceland blog. This is one of my favourite blogs about Iceland, and its created by a chap called Ben Goddard. Ben describes himself as ‘Sarcastic, Bearded, attunded to the country of Iceland, I like biscuits’, which kind of says it all. Anyway, here it is. Having joined Twitter many […]

Radio Interview

  I did my first live – yes, live! – radio interview today with BBC Radio Shropshire with Jim Hawkins. It was quite an experience; I haven’t felt nerves like that for a good long while. I got through it though – not to many fluffed words, mispronunciations nor swearing. I hope I did Iceland, […]