Rökkurró to play Iceland, Defrosted launch!

Yep, you read that correctly. Rökkurró, one of the best bands in Iceland at the moment, have kindly agreed to play at the Icelandic launch of Iceland, Defrosted at Eymundsson, Austurstræti 18, Reykjavík on 29th June.

I was thrilled that Hildur from the band had agreed to play the launch as ‘Lily & Fox’, but when she emailed to say that Rökkurró would play an exclusive set, I squealed like a girl!

I last saw Rökkurró at Iceland Airwaves 2012, and they were amazing. Their sensitive, sweet melodies are topped by sugar sprinkled vocals from Hildur. They are delicious. They feature in Iceland, Defrosted, so its appropriate that they play at the launch party. Its going to be quite a night!

The party starts at 6pm. See you there.

Please note that there are still some places left for the London launch, with ÍRiS. Just email me if you need an invite!