Kimono are the one Icelandic band that I never quite get around to seeing. They always seem to either be on an extended break, immersed in some kind of side project, or working behind closed doors on new material. Despite frequent trips to Iceland, and being a fan since 2009’s Easy Music For Difficult People, […]

Books & Vampires: World Book Night

This is an article I wrote a couple of years ago about World Book night, and obsession with books that Icelanders have. Contains scenes of vampires. A few weeks ago, it was World Book Night. An annual event designed to promote the joys of reading a proper book, one with actual pages and everything. One […]

Record Store Day in Iceland.

It’s Record Store Day. I’m not sure it’s celebrated in Iceland, but do you know what? It doesn’t matter. Reykjavík has one of the best record stores on the planet; 12 Tónar. Here is an excerpt from Iceland, Defrosted about that very store: ‘Talking of record stores, next time you’re in Reykjavík, try to get […]

10 Easter Eggs Of New Icelandic Music

It’s Easter. You’ll be bored now, or by Sunday at the latest. On top of that, you’ll soon be achingly full of poor quality chocolate, but unable to stop consuming it. Nevermind. I have the antidote. Ten virtual eggs of beautiful Icelandic music, for your aural (rather than oral) enjoyment. Now, put that chocolate down, […]

SilverWood Blog Hop: Seaweed & Cocoa

Welcome to the SilverWood Books Blog Hop! A few of our authors have come together to share a variety of articles and items of interest on their blogs for your enjoyment. There are some lovely giveaway prizes, and – to stay in keeping with the Spring and rebirth theme at this time of year – […]

An Interview with Hannah Kent

A 17-year-old Hannah Kent was walking down a street in the North Iceland town of Sauðárkrókur in the late dawn of an Icelandic winter’s day. A large SUV started to tail her. She walked faster; the vehicle sped up. She began to worry; in her native Australia, like most places, this was a cause for […]

Pompey, Promotion, Rhubarb & a Floating Bookshop.

It’s been a busy few days in Defrosted land, so I thought I’d recap on a few bits and pieces. First off, the very distinguished Blackwells books in Oxford decided to stock Iceland, Defrosted. Then a copy turned up in a rhubarb patch in Deb Willot’s garden….. ….. I managed to waffle on about indie […]