10 Easter Eggs Of New Icelandic Music

It’s Easter. You’ll be bored now, or by Sunday at the latest. On top of that, you’ll soon be achingly full of poor quality chocolate, but unable to stop consuming it.

Nevermind. I have the antidote. Ten virtual eggs of beautiful Icelandic music, for your aural (rather than oral) enjoyment. Now, put that chocolate down, get yourself in a horizontal position and have a good old listen to some of these.

Rókkurro : White Mountain

Bloody hell. I love Rókkurro. This piece, taken from their forthcoming third album is called ‘White Mountain’, and is an absolute beauty. They’ve recently been awarded a grant to complete said album, and I can’t wait to hear it. In the meantime, this will do nicely.

ÍRiS : Sea Song

Ok, ok. This isn’t ‘new’ but it is a new version of the song, performed recently in the Reykjavik Maritime Museum. But where else would you perform a ‘Sea Song‘? It’s wonderful, as ever. Oh, and that thing, it’s called a windtube.

FM Belfast : Everything

The sound of the Reykjavik party scene are on the eve on releasing a new album entitled ‘Brighter Days’. Following the familiar electro pop blueprint, here is Everything.

Orfia : Slow and Low

Soffía Björg and Örn Eldjárn are Orfia. Orfia are currently raising funds on Karolina Fund for their debut album, which if anything like the two tracks I’ve heard so far, should be simply wonderful.

Jófríður Ákadóttir & Farao : Out Of Yourself

I’ve long been a fan of Samaris and Pascal Pinon. Here, Jófríður Ákadóttir joins up with Norwegian Farao to perform this laidback and lovely version of Truls’ 2013 hit ‘Out Of Yourself’, a song that I’ve never actually heard. No matter, this is great.

Samaris : Ég Vildi Fegin Verda

Speaking of Samaris, they’re back too. They have a new album on the way, a tour with the adopted-by-Iceland John Grant and several European festival slots over the summer. Here is a new track.

Kimomo : Specters

Kimono have been around for a while, and are currently looking for funding to release all their albums on good ol’ vinyl, including the often overlooked Easy Music For Difficult People. They’re back with new stuff too, including this piece.

My Bubba : Island

This pair are from Iceland and Sweden, and have combined to produce heartwarming harmonised vocals, and dreams of warmer places.

Hafdís Huld : Queen Bee

A few years ago, I managed to catch an interview with Hafdís, which appears in a certain book and I’m always looking forward to what the quirky elf-hunting princess of Icelandic pop is up to next. Happily, I discovered that she is about to release a new album, entitled ‘home‘, and is embarking on a UK tour to promote it. This is Queen Bee.

Ásgeir : Heart Shaped Box

This wonderfully melancholic cover of the Nirvana classic has been released by the boy Ásgeir for Record Store Day. Likely to be coveted by Nirvana fans, fans of Icelandic music and fawning fan girls alike. Get us a copy, will you?