Message from Djúpavík.

Yesterday, I received an amazing email from Djúpavík in Iceland. This extremely remote corner of Iceland is one of favourite places to visit.

For anyone that has read Iceland, Defrosted, you’ll know that my visit to Hotel Djúpavík was made complete by the friendly welcome of Claus Sterneck, a German photographer that spends his summers in Djúpavík and his winters in Reykjavík. Claus has become a friend since my visit, and even contributed to my Kickstarter campaign by providing postcards and ‘sound cards’ to be sent out with packages. I was proud to send out his work with my book, and I think that the opportunity to listen to the sounds of Djúpavík whilst looking at the Claus’ images is a brilliant idea.

So, please check out Claus’ website for more details. In addition, you could give him a hand in voting for his exhibition ‘Silence in Djúpavík’ to be shown in Paris. If you can click here and vote, I know he would appreciate it!

Oh, the email? Claus sent me a photograph of Iceland, Defrosted in Djúpavík. That made me smile. What a nice fella.