Puffin Rescue

The attached images are from a Puffin rescued in Anglesey, North Wales a couple of years back. It’s thought the puffin had been caught by a dog, and had received injuries to its wings as a result. Unbelievably, a member of the public had found him and was trying to feed him chips in an attempt to revive him. Puffins don’t eat chips, not even with ketchup.

The puffin was taken to RSPCA Stapely Grange in Cheshire where the staff did a fantastic job in nursing the puffin back to full health.

RSPCA staff released the puffin on a shale beach near to where he was found. They were good enough to send me a photo of him stood on the beach, looking out apprehensively. They tell me that the last they saw of him was heading out to sea. All we can hope is that after the hard work of the RSPCA team, and the fighting spirit of that little bird, that he survives and does ok. He’s certainly been through the works, and deserves a little break. I’d hate to think that that he doesn’t make it and he is found some months later outside a fish and chip shop in Beaumaris, obese and lazy from a diet of greasy chips and bright blue fizzy pop.

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