Amiina is one of those Icelandic bands that never seem to disappoint. Always able to produce sublime, beautiful music at the drop of a hat, I never miss an opportunity to see them live. I once saw them play a concert in a record store in Reykjavík on a damp, unseasonably warm day in January. […]

The other 10 Icelandic bands you should care about.

Ok, so a popular website has been posting ’10 Icelandic bands you should care about’ over the past few days. Its ok. It’s a good start. However, I (and a fair few people on Twitter & Facebook) thought that I could do a better job and that there were some omissions. Whilst I appreciate that […]

New Amiina Project

Those Amiina girls (and boys) have been at it again. Described on their website as ‘the lighthouse project’, this is what they had to say: ‘about 4 years ago we set out on a journey across iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. the music was written especially for performances in small spaces, and […]

Amiina Advent Calendar.

Amiina, one of my favourite Icelandic acts, have once again produced an advent calendar. Each day, we are provided with a treat that rivals the little chocolates in my advent calendar at home. Despite only being three days into December, we’ve already been treated to several lovely tracks, one slightly scuzzy track and neat little […]