New Amiina Project

Those Amiina girls (and boys) have been at it again. Described on their website as ‘the lighthouse project’, this is what they had to say:

‘about 4 years ago we set out on a journey across iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. the music was written especially for performances in small spaces, and in great proximity to the audience. the inspiration behind the journey came the first time we performed in a lighthouse. a man in the audience described how he had experienced the music in those surroundings: standing on the top floor of the lighthouse, he had felt the music travel up through the structure and out across the ocean, as if the lighthouse were now projecting music instead of light.
we set off in a big van packed with instruments, accompanied by a photographer, one spouse, one newborn baby and another about to be born, and drove over rugged roads, seemingly to the end of the world, to perform music.

the songs were a mix of old and new, little nocturnes in simple arrangements. among them was our cover of lee hazlewood’s “leather and lace”. we had previously collaborated with lee only weeks before him passing away, on a song that ended up being his last recording. on the flip side was our arrangement of “leather and lace”. the simple arrangement of the song fitted perfectly with the other songs and the spirit of the lighthouse project.

late last year we decided to visit the lighthouse project again, to record these songs in their original arrangements, and give the music the prospect to travel out and across forever. we felt it was important to convey the intimacy of the original performances, so the songs were recorded “live” in the studio, as if at a concert.’

I think it sound delightful. I can’t wait to hear more about this project, which attempts to marry Iceland’s music and landscape once again.