Music Review- Ásgeir: In the Silence

Ásgeir has had some help with In the Silence. Iceland’s latest adopted son, John Grant, helped translate the albums lyrics into English. Ásgeir’s 72-year-old father helped write some of the lyrics. Of Monsters and Men helped raise his profile by taking him on tour. That said, Ásgeir remains the star of the show here. In the Silence, […]

Grúska Babúska!

Grúska Babúska is a female four-piece based in Reykjavík, but with their eyes firmly set on the rest of the world. They have a unique sound, whilst at the same time could only have come from Iceland. They could quite possibly be the next big thing. I caught up with one of the band members, […]

Iceland Airwaves ’12: Day 2

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. My day started incongruously early, with a ‘Rock and Bacon’ session in Prikið. Grúska Babúska had just what I needed. A quartet of Icelandic girls, perched on tables and stools, and delivered a tasty breakfast of vocals, electronics and flute. It was a perfect start to the day, surrounded by Airwavers, […]