Herd In Iceland

This is a great project that was also funded by Kickstarter. Herd In Iceland is a documentary about the Icelandic Horse and their herders. There is a DVD and photo book available. Its seems appropriate that on the day that I release the ‘Icelandic Horse‘ package, I give my fellow Kickstarters a shout out. Herd […]

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 20th December

Bjúgnakrækir  (Sausage-Swiper) – In the olden days,  Bjúgnakrækir hid in the rafters of turf houses and snatched sausages that were being smoked. These are called Bjúga and were thick sausages made out of horsemeat or lamb. Nowadays, Bjúgnakrækir eats any sausage he can get his hands on, especially the delicious ones in Plysur.                Bjúgnakrækir arrives […]

Thanks. And a fox or two.

It’s been a crazy few days. People keep on backing me on Kickstarter and I keep on being amazed. To remark on just how crazy its been; Icelandic musicians LayLow and Lily & Fox got behind Iceland, Defrosted and gave me a much needed boost, my story hit the Icelandic media (mbl.is / Iceland Review), […]

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 19th December

Skyrgámur  (Skyr-Gobbler )  –  I cant be too hard on this Yule Lad. He and I share an affinity for skyr. We both love this traditional Icelandic yoghurt-style dessert, alhough he prefers the old fashioned, unsweetend type. I prefer the blueberry ones. He has even has a bit of a belly from eating so much […]

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 18th December

Hurðaskellir  (Door-Slammer)  – A Silent Night is unlikely with this lad. He loves to sharply slam doors, causing a huge bang, especially during the night. He isn’t doing it to frighten you, just for the fun of doing it. It is still noisy though.  Hurðaskellir arrives on December 18 and departs on December 31. The […]

Lily & Fox & Kickstarter.

Lily & Fox, real name Hildur Stefánsdóttir, best known for being lead singer of über-cool Icelandic band, Rökkurró lent her support to my Kickstarter campaign yesterday. This was really kind of her, and I appreciate her help. I really admire her work, and to have someone like Hildur on my side means a lot. In […]

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 17th December

Askasleikir (Bowl-Licker)  This naughty little fellow hides under beds waiting for someone to put down their ‘askur’ (a type of wooden bowl with a lid used in days gone by), which he then raids for scraps of food. Askur are difficult to find these days, and  Askasleikir has had to take some tips from Þvörusleikir […]

Kickstarter Kickstarted Iceland, Defrosted!

Yay! We have done it! Iceland Defrosted will be published as a book. This is fantastic news; Christmas has come early this year. A massive thanks to my sister, who put her money where her – large – mouth is and showed her support in a very substantial way, and to my daughter, who managed […]