Thanks. And a fox or two.

It’s been a crazy few days. People keep on backing me on Kickstarter and I keep on being amazed.

To remark on just how crazy its been; Icelandic musicians LayLow and Lily & Fox got behind Iceland, Defrosted and gave me a much needed boost, my story hit the Icelandic media ( / Iceland Review), and even the Mayor of Reykjavik Jón Gnarr gave me a tweet.

If this wasn’t enough, fellow authors have also got behind me. Quentin Bates (author of Icelandic Crime Fiction novels) has been very supportive, as has Katherine Wiley (a self-published author with a similar Iceland obsession). In fact, Katherine sent me this drawing of one her characters, inspired by one of my pieces about LayLow. Which has a nice symmetry about it doesn’t it?

LayLow fox

The best people of all though, are the 72 generous and kind backers, who have exceeded my funding total and expectations. Thank you so much to this crowd. There are 22 days to go. Iceland, Defrosted is going to be the best book ever funded on Kickstarter!