Lay Low helps out!

Lay Low has kindly given me a hand with my Kickstarter campaign by recommending me to her loyal army of fans. In return, here is a video of hers and an interview I did with her a while ago. Last summer, I took the ferry from Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula to Brjánslækur in the West Fjords. The weather […]

Crowd-funding Nervousness

Earlier this week, I launched a project on the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. I’ve never done anything like it before, so I was understandably nervous. Crowd funding means that the online community financially support a project to get it up and running. If I don’t meet my target, I don’t get any of the funding. […]

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 16th December

Pottaskefill – Pot-Scraper. Pottaskefill is the Yule lad I can identify with the most. Pottaskefill races to get all the leftovers from pots, and even has a long, flat tongue to get all the leftovers out. Who can blame him? We all like seconds don’t we? You’ll need to be quick though with Pottaskefill around.  […]

Kickstarter update: Bookmarks arrive.

The bookmarks that will accompany the ‘Arctic Fox’ package arrived this morning. They are so lovely, that I wanted to post a picture of them on here. They are made by ‘Snow Stitched’ who is actually a 20 something old girl in Reykjavik. You can find more of her products here.  

Iceland’s Naughty Yule Lads – 15th December

Þvörusleikir -Spoon-Licker/Ladle-licker. Þvörusleikir likes nothing more than Þvörur (a type of a wooden spoon with a long handle) or any sort of spoon or ladle to lick. He has a good slurp to get the most from each spoon. Its not working out that well though, as Þvörusleikir is often extremely thin due to malnutrition. […]

Kickstarter Update!

Thank you so much for your help and support – my Kickstarter campaign is going really, really well. I just gone over the halfway point, with 27 days to go. I never expected it to go so well, to be honest. Hitting that ‘launch’ button was a big, deal back on Wednesday, and I was […]

Ölóf Arnalds

Ölóf Arnalds is crowd-funding her latest album, Sudden Elevation. I know how she feels, with my own book also being crowd-funded on Kickstarter. I can’t compete with this decidedly seasonal, definitely Christmas-sy video, shot in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland, complete with candles and snow scenes. Ölóf Arnalds crowdfunding website can be found here, and mine, here.