Kickstarter Update!

Thank you so much for your help and support – my Kickstarter campaign is going really, really well.

I just gone over the halfway point, with 27 days to go. I never expected it to go so well, to be honest. Hitting that ‘launch’ button was a big, deal back on Wednesday, and I was starting to worry no one would even notice. I shouldn’t have worried – nearly 1,400 people wanted to see a plastic Puffin fly around Reykjavik after all!

It’s too early to start my ‘Thank You’ speech, but a big shout out to my 32 backers, the superbly generous James, Sarah, Ally, Ian, and the Icelandic blaggers, wheeler-dealers and creative geniuses who are Einar and Daniel, who somehow managed to get me into the Icelandic news this morning.

I’ll drink to that. Skál!