Puffin Wreck & a Sea Rooster

They say that in London, you are never more than five meters away from a rat. The same could be said about puffins in Iceland during the summer, but it wouldn’t be true. I would have just made it up. Puffins. I love them. Call them what you will—‘clowns of the sea,’ ‘penguins of the […]

Exitmusic for a Puffin.

Exitmusic are a band from New York City that played Iceland Airwaves last weekend. Centered around married couple Devon Church and Aleksa Palladino, they played concerts at Kex Hostel and Norðurljós in Harpa. Braving the vicious wind, whipped up sea and frozen water features to get to Harpa, my efforts are rewarded. Exitmusic play delicious […]

Crazy Puffin Facts.

I’m going to try something new. Mainly for my own amusement. The comedian David O’Doherty is a funny man. Very funny in fact. He has published a couple of books – 100 facts about pandas, and 100 facts about sharks. The facts are not necessarily true, but are always amusing. For example ‘The Panda smells […]