Crazy Puffin Facts.

I’m going to try something new. Mainly for my own amusement.

The comedian David O’Doherty is a funny man. Very funny in fact. He has published a couple of books – 100 facts about pandas, and 100 facts about sharks. The facts are not necessarily true, but are always amusing.

For example ‘The Panda smells through its ears, and hears through its nose, technically making its ears its nose, and its nose its ears’.

I wondered if I (we?) could do the same thing for the Icelandic puffin? Please feel free to tweet facts to me, and I’ll add them to the list. I aim to get 100 on the list.

Ok here goes:

Puffin Fact #1 : Never talk about Penguins in front of a Puffin. Puffins think Penguins are over-represented in the media, and especially despise the ‘Happy Feet’ franchise.