Beware of the ‘Skyr’.

After years and years of tracking down rare imports of Skyr, building trips around Iceland to hit the maximum number of pots per trip, extolling the virtues of skyr to anyone who’d listen, and even travelling to New York to taste the excellent Siggi’s, my Skyr dreams came true when in April, it was announced […]

Music Review: Lára Runars – Þel

   There is a real gem on this new offering from Lára Rúnars. It is about halfway in, and is a delicious slice of sunny 80’s style synth pop, that goes down well with a summer barbecue and a glass of something cold. By the time the trumpets kick in on ‘Frelsi’ your neighbors will […]

Book Review : The Little Book of the Hidden People

  This book starts with a health warning. It’s a warning about the validity of trusting that all Icelanders believe in hidden people. Sure, some do and there is mention specifically of the elf school, and individuals that claim to see such beings, but the author, Alda Sigmundsdóttir, is quick to point out the current […]

Snowblind blog tour – an interview with Ragnar Jónasson

A brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box Police Officer leaves his cozy life in Reykjavik for a new world in a frozen and insular Siglufjörður in North Iceland. His arrival coincides with a series of events, including a murder and nasty, malicious assault. As the tension builds, so does the snow, leaving the characters and readers shovelling their […]

Review: Sóley – Ask The Deep

   It’s been a while since we heard from Sóley Stefánsdóttir. We Sink was two years ago, and it’s probably safe to say that Seabear are now sadly defunct. There was an obscure instrumental EP released last year, but nothing of substance. As fans of Sóley know; her music, and especially that voice, are unique. […]

Hop & Stamp

Hi, so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’m a bad blogger, a naughty blogger. Anyway, my fellow SilverWood authors are having an Easter Blog hop, so it seemed only fair that I get involved too, and throw my hat into the ring. I’ll add a list of my fellow authors to the end […]

Music Review: Vio – Dive In

Vio are somewhat of a surprise. Despite their name sounding like they should produce death metal and dodgy album covers, they are a fresh, new semi-acoustic band of from Mosfellsbær near Reykjavík. Vio won the 2014 Músíktilraunir—an Icelandic battle-of-the-bands type contest—with singer Magnús Thorlacius also receiving a solo award for his vocal performance. Previous winners […]