Airwaves ’15 – Day 2: I Love You, Airwaves.

Soffía Björg is doing the now traditional lunch time slot at Slippbarinn. Despite the early hour, she’s in fine form and accompanied by an all star band. Maybe she should call herself that? Soffía Björg and the All Star Band? Anyway, her country songs sound wonderfully warm, especially compared to the howling wind and lashing […]


It’s new to me, this idea of ‘pre-Airwaves’ shows. It’s as if the off-venue schedule has run out of venues to invade, so has started to invade the earlier part of the week instead. This year, for example, there is an off-venue line up for both Monday and Tuesday, and yet the festival itself doesn’t […]

15 Icelandic Bands to check out for Airwaves ’15

Forget the overseas talents of Beach House and Hot Chip (both surely in violation of the ‘you can only play Airwaves once’ policy), the histrionics of Father John Misty, or the London grime of Skepta, Airwaves has the very best home-grown band on show. Here is a list of 15 not-to-be-missed Icelandic bands, in no […]

Ingunn Huld needs your help!

   Ingunn Huld is a rising Icelandic star, and produces beautiful acoustic folk pop. She’s trying to raise funds for her debut album on Karolinafund, an Icelandic crowdfunding website. I caught up with her to find out a bit more about crowdfunding in Iceland and the album itself. You are crowdfunding your debut album at […]

Beware of the ‘Skyr’.

After years and years of tracking down rare imports of Skyr, building trips around Iceland to hit the maximum number of pots per trip, extolling the virtues of skyr to anyone who’d listen, and even travelling to New York to taste the excellent Siggi’s, my Skyr dreams came true when in April, it was announced […]

Music Review: Lára Runars – Þel

   There is a real gem on this new offering from Lára Rúnars. It is about halfway in, and is a delicious slice of sunny 80’s style synth pop, that goes down well with a summer barbecue and a glass of something cold. By the time the trumpets kick in on ‘Frelsi’ your neighbors will […]

Book Review : The Little Book of the Hidden People

  This book starts with a health warning. It’s a warning about the validity of trusting that all Icelanders believe in hidden people. Sure, some do and there is mention specifically of the elf school, and individuals that claim to see such beings, but the author, Alda Sigmundsdóttir, is quick to point out the current […]