Five ‘new’ Icelandic artists to fall in love with on Valentines Day.

Icelanders don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. Nevermind, here are five Icelandic artists that to fall in love with on the sloppiest day of the year.

5. Muted
Who? Producer/electronic artist Bjarni Rafn Kjartansson from the remote East fjords.
What? One man music business – even makes his own record covers.
Listen to? His excellent collaboration with Jófríður Ákadóttir from Pascal Pinon/Samaris.

4. Fura
Who? Fura is a collaboration between the songstress Björt Sigfinnsdóttir and the producer duo Hallur Jónsson and Janus Rasmussen behind Bloodgroup.
What? Late night electronics and stunning vocals.
Listen to? Demons

3. Cell7
Who? Icelandic/Filipino rapper Ragna Kjartansdottir.
What? The Icelandic MIA? Unexpected rap and hiphop from the streets of Reykjavík.
Listen to? Sometimes ft. Drífa

2. Vök
Who? A trio of talented musicians including a saxophonist. No, come back!
What? Delicious Icelandic sound, yet falling between The XX & Portishead.
Listen to? Before.

Who? Logi Pedro Stefánsson from Retro Stefson has joined the young and talented Karin Sveinsdóttir.
What? Electronic indie pop with real heart. Produced by Múm. Perfect for your Valentine.
Listen to? Hearts (of course!)