Iceland’s (Lego) Yule Lads – Stúfur

Stúfur (Stubby/Shorty). Stúfur is abnormally short. He is far by the shortest Yule lads. This can be a blessing and a curse for Stúfur; he can use his diminutive size to steals pans to eat the crusts left on them without detection, but it can also cause him to get stuck in snow drifts. Something […]

Iceland’s (Lego) Yule Lads – Giljagaur

Giljagaur (Gully Gawk). Giljagaur, despite being the biggest of the lads, is a tad shy and hides in gullies and ravines waiting for an opportunity to sneak into houses and cowsheds to steal milk. He also has a penchant for singing, so if you see a lad with a belly, a milk moustache and singing […]

Iceland’s (Lego) Yule Lads – Stekkjastaur

Stekkjastaur (Sheep-Cote Clod/Stiff-legs) This lad, the eldest of the Yule lads, sneaks into sheep sheds, hoping to get a sip of milk, but is often thwarted by his stiff legs. He’ll do anything for a hit of calcium. Apparently his creaking legs can often give the game away, both to the sheep and anyone else […]

Iceland Calendar 2014

My pal Nick Miners is creating a 2014 calendar with stunning aerial shots of Iceland taken in November. It’s really breathtaking photography. Please contact him if you’d like a copy. This appropriately snowy scene is the December image. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? ©NickMiners More details at Nick Miners Photography.

Amazing Reykjavík Artwork.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I came across these magical pieces of Reykjavík , created by Clare Caulfield. Clare is a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by her travels to some of the world’s greatest cities, some of which she returns to again and again drawing on new ideas each […]

Bonus chapter now available!

Its been almost a year (December 10th, to be precise) since I launched the Kickstarter campaign to publish Iceland, Defrosted. As you surely know, things have taken off somewhat since then. Not wanting to ‘blow my own trumpet’, Iceland, Defrosted has been so much more successful than I ever imagined. I don’t consider myself to be an author, […]

Ingunn Huld

At Airwaves ‘12, I took my first trip to the Salvation Army Chapel in downtown Reykjavík. Not expecting much in this austere building, and more just wanting to get out of the fierce wind, I was delighted to see Ingunn Huld play a beautiful set of acoustics songs to the sparsely populated room. Ingunn weaved […]