Bonus chapter now available!

Its been almost a year (December 10th, to be precise) since I launched the Kickstarter campaign to publish Iceland, Defrosted. As you surely know, things have taken off somewhat since then.

Not wanting to ‘blow my own trumpet’, Iceland, Defrosted has been so much more successful than I ever imagined. I don’t consider myself to be an author, so I’m amazed that anyone reads it at all. But they have, and continue to do so. Iceland, Defrosted is constantly at the top of the Amazon Bestseller lists for books about Iceland, and at one point, its ebook version was racing Karl Pilkington and Bill Bryson up the charts.

Reviews have been outstanding, with National Geographic, Wanderlust, Iceland Review and others showing substantial praise. The Amazon & Goodreads reviews have also been brilliant, no doubt aided by my loyal Kickstarter backers. I even achieved a number 1 bestseller in Canada!

Launches in the summer were like a whirlwind – London with its packed out crowd baking in the heat, the mis-timed Reykavík event (the whole city had gone to their summerhouses in the country) and the busy Much Wenlock evening with so many familiar faces. Many thanks to everyone that came.

Anyway, enough waffle. As a thank you, or a tempting early Christmas gift, you can download a ‘bonus’ chapter here. Its called ‘Hvalreki’. I hope you enjoy it!

Things are still ticking over too. I have some reading/signing events in January & February (eek! nervous!), my usual columns with Iceland Review, and a special celebration of the Icelandic Yule Lads on my blog. No, really! I guess it will be then time to start writing the next one!

Iceland Defrosted bonus