Hay Festival.

Yesterday, I went to the world famous Hay Festival. I saw lots of lovely books that caused me to push my credit card deeply into my pocket. I saw Tim Minchin who was erudite and inspiring, causing me to hit the keyboard with renewed vigour. I wandered around several fantastic bookshops with vaults of books from floor to ceiling, causing me to know for sure that my book must be published.

Just to have other people read my thoughts on a subject close to my heart, to experience in some small way what I have. It would be such a shame if the whole thing went unread; a dusty pile of papers, or an unread file on my macbook.

Anyway, I daydreamed that one day, Iceland Defrosted would be on the shelves in a place like this.


In the meantime, feel free to read my newly posted excerpt from my book. Tell your friends about it. Hopefully, one of them will be a publisher, and send me a big fat cheque. Maybe not.