Hop & Stamp

Hi, so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’m a bad blogger, a naughty blogger.

Anyway, my fellow SilverWood authors are having an Easter Blog hop, so it seemed only fair that I get involved too, and throw my hat into the ring.

I’ll add a list of my fellow authors to the end of this blog, and you can peruse them – or not – as the case maybe. Iceland, Defrosted is also part of the SilverWood selection box; a free ebook which contains snippets of work from SilverWood authors.

There’s a couple of things to update you on too. I’m doing this giveaway thing on Goodreads, where you can win a copy of Iceland, Defrosted (be quick though, it ends on 4th April). Oh, and I’m hard at work on book 2. Promise.


Anyway, I came across these Icelandic stamps that are super cute. There are four of them and they were originally issued in 2013. They were designed by graphic designer Örn Smári Gíslason, and contain images of a colourful Icelandic Puffin, a sofa (?!), the ubiquitous Icelandic horse, and my favourite – the pylsur. The pylsur stamp even shows how to make one, but you know it will never be as good as the real thing after a night on the beer in Reykjavik, right?!


Gleðilega páska!


A selection of SilverWood authors:

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