New Rökkurró song released!

Rökkurró – one of my favourite Icelandic bands by a long shot – will self-release their new album later this year which will be preceded by the single The Backbone. This single, which follows the superlative-inducing ‘Killing Time’ is also being made available in a limited handmade edition – limited to just 120 copies from Etsy.

When asked about the idea behind a handmade single, lead singer Hildur explained to Oscillate Music ‘We’ve always been a DIY band. We love making things ourselves. The very first thing we ever released was a 4-track EP that we recorded and crafted ourselves. We hadn’t made any special items for a long time and we wanted to go straight back to where we started. The only difference now is, that the single is professionally recorded. Our drummer Bibbi is definitely the most artistic in the band. He is always making beautiful things, whether it’s a lamp, a memo book or a painting. He made the covers from scratch, painted, cut and glued them. None of the covers are the same. They are all different and unique which makes them even more cool. They are made from huge abstract paintings that Bibbi then cut down and made into covers.”

Rökkurró are playing Iceland Airwaves in November 2014, with more dates to be announced. I can’t wait, and my limited edition single has already been ordered.