Hafdís, me, Left for Dead


So, here’s the thing.
Several of my favourite things are combining on 10th May, are you are all invited.
Let me explain. As readers of Iceland, Defrosted will know, I’m a huge fan of singer/songwriter Hafdís Huld. I managed to catch an interview with her a few years ago, which appears in the book itself, and I’m always looking forward to what the quirky elf-hunting princess of Icelandic pop is up to next. Happily, I discovered that she is about to release a new album, entitled ‘home‘, and is embarking on a UK tour to promote it.

At the same time, my good friend Andy has recently opened an independent record store in Birmingham. Called ‘Left For Dead‘, it’s a real gem of a shop harking back to days when record shops cared about their customers, welcomed afternoon-long browsing, and were always ready with a recommendation or two (I just discovered Jesca Hoop via Andy, although he was trying to convince me about another singer/songwriter who is also an ornithologist, hence the birdsong in the background).

I love a good record shop, and Andy used to be my boss when I first started working at a record shop as a spotty teenager. He introduced to me to a good few things; not all of them music related. Andy also appears in Iceland, Defrosted, a fact which he is secretly proud of, although he’d never tell you himself. He does sell my book in Left For Dead though, and it’s going like hot cakes, frequently outselling acoustic ornithologists.
Using the power of Twitter, I managed to introduce Hafdís to Andy, and I pretty damn pleased that Hafdís will be playing an instore set at Left For Dead on 10th May at 2pm.

I’ll be there, of course, and I might even give a short reading from Iceland, Defrosted. It would be great if you could join us.