Iceland, Defrosted at Booka.


Some places just get it right, don’t they?
I had my first visit to Booka Books in Oswestry today, and they definitely have got it right. The combination of books, coffee and cakes is too good to miss, but when it’s presented like this, it’s like catnip to me.
I lost myself browsing for books (I settled for Nathan Filers’ The Shock Of The Fall), treated myself to a toffee fudge slice and latte, and loved the quirky artwork of Matt Sewell and the mock Penguin covers – The Wizard of Oswestry being a favourite.
Even Hannah Kent, author of Burial Rights, is coming to Booka on 27th March. I got myself a ticket. You can read my review of Burial Rights here. I can’t wait to hear what Hannah has to say about Iceland.
The best news though? Booka now stocks Iceland, Defrosted.