Highlands are Logi Pedro Stefánsson from Retro Stefson and the very talented Karin Sveinsdóttir. They seem to have come from nowhere, but are ready formed, ready to take on the dance floors of Reykjavík, and seemingly, my headphones.
They have recently given away there debut ep. I’ve no idea why; people would have surely paid good money for such music. I’ve paid an awful lot more for a hell of a lot worse. Just six tracks, it is a joyful twenty minutes.
It starts with the swirling Berlin, all hectic beats, buzzing bass and that wonderful ‘la la la’ refrain. Hearts is Highlands calling card; a standout track consisting of Karin’s sumptuous vocals being looped, lovely chiming and old fashioned story of love.
Rolling Stones begins with echoed, distant vocals before breaking into more electronic loveliness; look out for the surprising 90’s ‘word!’ halfway through and a further showcase of Karin’s vocal talents. Stop Signs is the sound of a nighttime city a full tilt, whilst Sirens is the most Retro Stefson sounding of all the tracks. It just bounces along.

Anyway, dig in. It’s all good.