Life On The Line

Life on the Line is a portrait project connecting and celebrating the people of the Arctic circle. The photographs are all taken within 35 miles of the actual circle ( 66.33 degrees North ) and covers all eight countries through which the line dissects. Christian Barnett has been drawn to both the ordinary and the extraordinary, the wilderness and the urban. This project is the culmination of 13 visits to the Arctic spanning a 7 year period. Christian is now trying to raise funds on Kickstarter to have the book beautifully designed and printed.

Here is what Christian has to say about his trip to Grímsey in Iceland, and a couple of photographs – ‘In terms of Iceland, I only have pictures from my first shoot in Grimsey, the film from NE Iceland hasn’t been processed yet. Grimsey, as I’m sure you know, is the only part of Iceland actually on the Arctic Circle. My pictures are taken no further than 35 miles from the Arctic Circle and I always try to shoot as close to the circle as possible. It was interesting to spend about 4 days on the island as most visitors seem to stay for an hour – they fly in on a tour plane, cross the circle and then fly out again.

My second trip to NE Iceland last month was incredible. I hadn’t been to that part of Iceland before and along with the steely grey skies, bleak coastline and snow covered mountains ( as well as blizzards ) I thought it was enormously atmospheric.’



Both photos courtesy of Christian Burnett

For further details please see the Kickstarter campaign here.