Arctic Adventures Review

Huge thanks to Charlotte Theobold at Arctic Adventures for this wonderful review: Iceland, Defrosted by Edward Hancox is ‘The story of one man’s obsession with the people, places and music of Iceland.’ Edward Hancox is a puffin loving Englishman with a passion for Iceland. Iceland,Defrosted is his first book, which evolved from his blog of […]


It seems that the humble walrus is making a comeback. Not only were several walrus spotted on Icelandic shores this summer, they’ve cropped up on bizarre situations recently too. A walrus was spotted sunning himself on the beach Hofstrandarsandur in Borgarfjörður eystri, East Iceland, at the end of September. It is believed to be the […]

Iceland, Defrosted in the Little Free Library.

I have posted another freshly cooked batch of books today. They have gone worldwide, but the one I’m most excited about is the copy going to the Little Free Library in Reykjavik. I found out about this intriguing project earlier this year from its creator Larissa Kyzer, and I’m so pleased that Iceland, Defrosted is […]

10 Icelandic Authors You Really Should Check Out!

Earlier this week, the BBC, as current as ever, featured an article regarding the publishing industry in Iceland. Entitled ‘Iceland; Where 1 in 10 People Will Publish A Book’, it explained briefly about the importance of the written word to Icelanders, touched briefly on the Sagas, made reference to ‘jólabókaflóð’ (Christmas Book Flood – the […]

Gold Star!

Iceland, Defrosted has been awarded a gold star by The Book Designer website, for its cover, which was designed by Kit Foster. The website commented ‘Makes you frosty just looking at it.’

Bublish Live Twitter Chat

On November 7th, I’ll be taking part in a live Twitter chat with Bublish. It will be at 3pm EST, and 8pm GMT. If you could join me, it would be great to chat! Ask (almost!) anything! Bublish is an online platform where you can discover new books, by reading ‘bubbles’. Go to to […]

Iceland Review: Review of Iceland, Defrosted

Review by Laura Nicholson. As a self-proclaimed addict looking for his “next hit” of Iceland, Edward Hancox writes a relatable and amusing debut called Iceland, Defrosted that will have you packing your bags and getting on the next airplane to Keflavík. Hancox is obsessed with all things Icelandic and was first drawn to the chilly […]

Unchained Iceland Full Report

Remember Geoff Harper, the chap cycling from Höfn to Reykjavík via beaches alone? He has done it, and there is a full report here. Well done Geoff! And thank you for taking wonderful photos of Iceland, Defrosted en-route. My original article with Geoff: I admit it; most of my travels around Iceland haven’t been that […]


It’s pretty miserable here. It’s grey, cold and damp. I really want to be back here. It’s Grundarfjörður. I was there this summer for a Pascal Pinon concert. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a good long while. Post from July 2013: It seemed that Grundarfjörður was near to nowhere. I […]