Postcards From Rachel


Rachel, a travel blogger, has featured me (I know!) on her blog today, along with two other bloggers.

Here is the short interview;
-Favorite travel destination and why?
Ha! This is an easy question. Iceland. I’ve written a book about my obsession with the people, places and music of Iceland. ‘Iceland, Defrosted’ is less about wars over cod, flight-halting volcanoes and globe-shattering financiers, and more about relaxing in natural hot pots, sharing barbeques in howling winter storms and eating waffles and rhubarb jam while watching playful Arctic foxes.

Oh, and desperately, desperately searching for the elusive Northern Lights (which might not exist anyway). It is a story that’s almost a love letter, born from a constant yearning for this special place and fuelled by a growing understanding and a desire to uncover the real Iceland.

-Most important lesson you’ve learned from travel?
Read the local papers. You are bound to find out exactly what is going on, where to go and what to see. Travel guides are fine, but a local paper can reveal so much more. I travelled to Alaska a couple of years ago to see the Iditarod, but via a local paper I found myself not just watching, but having a go on a dog-sled. I then followed this up by eating the best King Crab, and supping Alaskan ale in a little known pub. I wouldn’t have known about any of this without reading the local paper.

-How has travel changed you?
I’ve learnt that over time, travel becomes less about the places and more about the people you meet. I know people that have traveled for travels’ sake, grabbing a RTW ticket, packing a rucksack and rushing from place to place, making sure it’s all tagged on Facebook. I’ve learnt that the people you meet and spend time with can change you forever. I have a friend in Iceland who has become a friend for life. You can’t buy that from a travel agent.

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