Thanks & Northern Lights


Since the launch of Iceland, Defrosted I have been receiving lots of fantastic reviews (20 x 5*, but who is counting? Oh, me!), Tweets, Facebook comments and emails. The emails – mainly from complete strangers – have come from all over the globe, and say the nicest things. I received this one yesterday, the only difference being that it came with an amazing shot of the Northern Lights, that I couldn’t help but share. Here it is.

‘Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your book. I wasn’t going to read it at first as I’m probably a bit of an Iceland snob and thought ‘oh, here’s another book about doing the Golden Circle and going to the Blue Lagoon’. However, when I read page 16 about Iceland being an addiction and always looking for the next hit, I knew exactly what you meant and I knew I would enjoy it.’

As a first time author, I’m amazed that anybody reads my book at all, let alone enjoys it.


Photo courtesy of Richard Scott.