Einstök Book Of The Week!


Einstök Brewing Company have just made Iceland, Defrosted their book of the week.

Here is the post from their Facebook page-

Book of the Week Club – Apparently, another Einstök fan has published a book, this time about one Englishman’s obsession with Iceland, by Edward Hancox. Here’s a quote: ‘After many hours of driving along Iceland’s extraordinary south coast it was with some relief that I pulled into the sleepy coastal village of Stokkseyri, my last stop. Not only was I ravenous, but it had been an extremely hot day by Icelandic standards; the skies had stayed clear and blue, allowing for the sun to beat down non-stop. In other words, I was gagging for an ice-cold bottle of Einstök Icelandic White Ale.’

I was too! I do like a bottle or two of Einstök, so you could say its a mutual appreciation. If Einstök fancied sending a crate of their finest brews over, there would be no complaints from this end!

Photo Courtesy of Jon Gnarr!

Photo Courtesy of Jon Gnarr!

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