Mythical Icelandic Creatures: Hrosshvalur


Over the next few weeks, I wanted to feature a series of mythical (or are they?) Icelandic creatures. I was inspired by a visit to the Sea-Monster Museum in Bíldudalur a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve kept an eye open for anything on the folklore and legends of Iceland’s strangest beasts. If you have any further information on them, or I’ve made an error with your favourite oddball animal, please just let me know!
The Hrosshvalur then. This is a horse/whale combination wreaks havoc in the seas around Iceland. It will strike its horse-like tail on the seas surface, in order to create lethal waves to drown seafarers and overwhelm boats. It has a funky red mane, but it’s not clear why. It’s also known to ‘neigh’ like a horse. Next time you are on a boat near Iceland, and hear a neigh, put on your life jacket. A Hrosshvalur is watching.