Dive Boy.

This diver is this years keyring to raise funds for ICE-SAR. I bought one on my recent trip to Reykjavík. It reminded me of an article I wrote a while back about ICE-SAR: Somewhere between Mývatn and Grímsstaðir, the road rose up into the mountains, through rocky valleys and deserted farms before the tarmac roads […]

Iceland Airwaves ’12: Day 4

I start the day off at 5.20am with a fire alarm sounding, and jump straight out of bed, part of me still thinking that I’m at the FM Belfast concert that only finished a few hours before. To calm my nerves, I can’t think of a better tonic than Rökkurró, who deliver a truly delicious […]

Iceland Airwaves ’12: Day 2

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. My day started incongruously early, with a ‘Rock and Bacon’ session in Prikið. Grúska Babúska had just what I needed. A quartet of Icelandic girls, perched on tables and stools, and delivered a tasty breakfast of vocals, electronics and flute. It was a perfect start to the day, surrounded by Airwavers, […]

Iceland Airwaves ’12: Day 1 – Trick or treat?

October 31st, in most parts of the world, is Halloween. Not so much in Iceland, although parties have been known and the American customs are gradually gaining a foothold. Carved Pumpkins, children dressed as witches, gory fake blood, and trick or treat may seem out of place. Instead, in Iceland, October 31st is the first […]