Coffee with Sóley.

I’ve spent the day lounging around, eating my favourite foods and listening to mainly Icelandic music. I did do some writing though, and it was a transcription of my final interview from Airwaves with the delightful Sóley.
I was quite taken with her, and the recording captures some of my shameless flirting. She was laughing anyway. At me or with me, it’s not clear. Maybe it was the double espressos she was knocking back. Anyway, I am really pleased with the way the interview came out. I’ll publish it soon, both on here and on IR online. In the meantime, I found this superb video of little miss Sóley doing her thing in Inspired by Iceland’s shed stage at Airwaves.

Sóley: Live from the Little House of Music from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Sóley’s website is here.