London to Iceland in 2 minutes!

This is maximum bloody epic! A 2 minute time lapse video of a trip to Iceland complete with cute furry character. It is brilliant. Check out for more ‘lapses or follow the genius creator on twitter here .

Of Monsters and Men in Scotland

I am loving that Of Monsters and Men and receiving the attention they deserve from all over the globe. It seems like that the little (Icelandic) bird that tweeted in my ear about them last year was spot on. This version of ‘Little Talks’ live on the shore of Loch Lomond in the Scottish highlands […]

Ghostpoet at Airwaves!

Bloody hell. Just found out about this. Mr. Poet has been a favourite of mine for a while now. His excellently titled album ‘Peanutbutter Blues and Melancholy Jam’ is always on play around here. Can’t wait to see him at Iceland Airwaves.

Live from the Copper Box

Yesterday, I visited the Olympic Park in London. More specifically, I went to see the Iceland vs. Team GB handball match at the Copper Box.   The first match we saw was Denmark vs. Republic of Korea, which was surprisingly engaging. I didn’t have a clue about handball until a couple of years ago when […]

Super-tense Handball.

I think that was the most tense, anxious and excited I have ever been about any sporting event ever. In a re-match of France vs Iceland, a pairing that ended in Iceland gaining only a Silver in Beijing, Iceland played their socks off. Awesome goals were supported by some really spectacular saves, right up to […]

Not an Olympic Sport

The start of August is a busy time in Ísafjörður, self proclaimed capital of the West Fjords. The first weekend – this weekend – is the annual European Swamp Soccer Championships. Although this is not an Olympic sport – rules include ‘playing time is not too short, not too long’ and ‘All throw ins are […]