Not an Olympic Sport

The start of August is a busy time in Ísafjörður, self proclaimed capital of the West Fjords. The first weekend – this weekend – is the annual European Swamp Soccer Championships.

Although this is not an Olympic sport – rules include ‘playing time is not too short, not too long’ and ‘All throw ins are kicked’ – it does promise to be equally vastly entertaining and extremely muddy.

If you don’t have a team, don’t worry; you can join the ‘oddballs’ team on arrival and play with whoever else turns up.

I think I’d just watch, especially as the organisers advse participants to tape their shoes to their feet to prevent them being sucked into the mud and lost forever. I’m also prone to injure myself.

I’d love to go and spectate though. It sounds huge fun. Oh, and the excellent Dikta are playing this year, once you have showered and have a pint of well-deserved beer in hand.

More info here.