Stay at Snorri’s place

Snorri Helgason, singer, songwriter and all around decent chap is renting out his Reykjavík apartment. It looks pretty good, if you ask me. And he even provides the coffee, for those ‘recovery’ mornings.

You can read an article I wrote when I met Snorri last year in London:

Or you can find out more about his apartment here:

Or you can listen to ‘River’ here:

The last time I met Snorri was after a concert at Kex, in Reykjavik. I may have been slightly inebriated, and been less than courteous towards Snorri. If so, my sincere apologies are long overdue, and I hope this Snorri-centric post makes up for anything that may have been said!


Ps. Snorri – I better get preferential rates!