I have travelled to Iceland on many occasions; I pretend to forget the exact number. My wife knows the exact number.

Iceland has always appealed to me. At first, it became an adventure to travel there. Somewhere on the edge of the Arctic. Somewhere impossibly remote and exciting. Now it feels like a sanctuary, somewhere to go to be with friends, to relax, and hope the Northern Lights show up. I don’t pretend to know everything about Iceland. Actually, I do, but my Icelandic friends are very good at correcting me in a firm, yet empathetic manner. They have shown considerable patience with me turning up at short notice, crashing weddings and family events, borrowing warm clothes and constantly asking questions.

I am new to writing, and this is my blog. I’m trying to get my book published right now. They share the same name. I have, however, had articles published in Iceland Review, in Atlantica, and the Reykjavik Grapevine.  Its not as good as having a book published though, is it?

I enjoy growing plants, which, not unlike myself, are tall and thin. I have had particular success with bamboo and rhubarb. It is not possible to grow bamboo in Iceland, but rhubarb is surprisingly prevalent.

Iceland is currently becoming ‘the’ place to visit. Named as the top destination to travel to in 2012 by both Lonely Planet and National Geographic, Iceland has continued to increase its number of tourists’ year on year. Iceland is booming in popularity. Iceland, defrosted is the perfect book for the visitor to pop into the top of their rucksack, or for the well acquainted to sit back and enjoy reading about their Iceland from a new, unique perspective. I recommend it. But then I would, wouldn’t I?